World Unity Through Dance 2012 at Utah Arts Alliance

“Our world is in need of uniting and helping one another.  The planet is going through changes due to  catastrophic situations.  We can come together and make a change for a better positive environment for our children, and grandchildren.   Dance brings unity and peace to mankind.  If we can feel unified, then we can support each other and our planet.  The net proceeds from dance performances will go to help those people in need. ” -World Unity Through Dance

Rinceoiri Don Spraoi Irish Dancers are proud to be a part of this annual fundraiser. Performances are to be held June 2, 2012 at Utah Arts Alliance, located at 663 South 100 West, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Founded in 2003 by Derek Dyer, the Utah Arts Alliance (UAA) provides the infrastructure that enables artists from all walks of life, especially those who lack financial resources, to pursue their creative dreams.

The culturally inspired spirit of the Utah Arts Alliance first became evident during the 2002 Winter Olympics. At this time, most Olympic planning committees chose to bring in out-of-state art, with hopes of attracting greater tourism. Derek Dyer, however, saw that the local art culture was being largely neglected and organized the largest event for the local arts during the Olympic Games.

This passion remains firm and is instilled within its many projects and affiliated programs. More than 55,000 people annually attend programs, events, and classes facilitated by UAA and their partners. That number is expected to exceed 70,000 in 2011/12. The Utah Arts Alliance has its roots in the Utah art scene, and has been directed toward preserving and enhancing Utah culture since (and prior to) its conception.

Two performances will be held. An afternoon performance at 5:30pm, and an evening performance at 8:00pm.  Donation is $10.00 per ticket.

These are fun shows, full of energy and excitement!  Net proceeds will be donated to American Cancer Society to help children with cancer. Helping children in need will be a great unselfish, and rewarding contribution.

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