Utah’s Irish Dance March Madness Begins!

For Irish dancers, March Madness means dancing, dancing, and more dancing

It’s St. Patrick’s Day this coming Sunday. For Rinceoiri Don Spraoi Irish Dancers, that means plenty of dancing.

This year, dancers started off March dancing for the annual Shamrock Gala, a fundraiser to benefit Youth Impact, in Ogden on March 9.

“Since 1992 Youth Impact has been serving youth who reside in Ogden’s inner-city neighborhoods. The program started with less than a dozen young people who were originally brought together by their participation in a program called the Ulster Project.”

“The Ulster Project was designed to bring young teens from Ireland of Catholic and Protestant faiths together here in the United States. Teens from Ireland were placed in host homes with teens of the same age and faiths. The concept behind the project was to enable the participants to engage in a month of constant activity, discussions and the cultivation of lasting relationships. Ultimately, once the Irish teens returned home a bridge of communication and understanding for each other would be in place.”

Youth Impact’s current director was an American counselor during the 1992 Ulster Project. Today, Youth Impact positively impacts the lives of over 200 at-risk youth. Rinceoiri is proud to be a part of their fundraiser each year and thoroughly enjoyed performing Saturday night.

And what would any St. Patrick’s Day be without dancing in a pub?

Steiny’s in Ogden is just the place to put your back up against the bar and “tread the boards” so to speak. Quickly becoming an annual tradition, dancing at Steiny’s is the perfect end to fun day. Dancers love the wood floors, pub goers love the ambiance the dancers bring each St. Patrick’s Day season. Afterwards, dancers stay to grab a quick bite and chat. If those dancers happen to be Sarah Bang or Brooke Curnow, they’ll also be scanning the eleven flat screens for some hockey highlights. This year Steiny’s didn’t disappoint. Great crowd, fun dancing, and good craic afterwards.

“The floor is just brilliant to dance on,” exclaimed Charlotte Fitzgerald. “So lovely.”

And to top it off, there was a birthday in the house. Alyssa turned a bright shade of pink as the entire pub began singing “Happy Birthday” to her. A first timer to the Ogden performances, she beamed, “That was fun! That was so much fun!”

Rinceoiri truly had a great start to the season Irish dancers love most and look forward to continuing the fun with a host of dancing opportunities throughout the Salt Lake Valley on Friday, and the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade and Siamsa on Saturday.

See our scheduled list of performances by clicking here or going to Performances, then 2013.

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