Beginner Adult Irish dance class


Beginning Irish Dance

This class is where we all started at one time! Ages 8 to 108 dance together in this one hour class that focuses on basic steps and dances.


Classes are for beginning students who have taken the Intro class or have a tiny bit of experience. Beginning classes are held Saturdays from 10am – 11am. Cost is $25 per month, due the 1st Saturday of the month.


Class consists of one hour of Irish dance instruction. Students learn basic technique and form through drills and a combination of traditional and contemporary choreography.

What to expect

The Adult class is a fun mix of people from different walks of life. Students have jobs, families, school, and many other outside activities they are involved with. Fitness, fun, and friendship is definitely the focus of this class. Students move from this class to the Prep class as they advance in technique.



All students should wear something comfortable to dance in. Teachers need to see your ankles and kness to ensure correct posture and form. Most of our Irish dancers wear leggins or tights; shorts, skirts, or cutoff sweats; and a t-shirt. No shirts that show the midriff, low cut shirts, or booty shorts will be permitted in class.

Students are expected to attend classes, but if a student is ill, please stay home. We like healthy dancers! Students are expected to be on time for class. Please arrive early to put on shoes and chat before class begins. If a student is not going to be in attendance, please send your teacher an email. We will always do our best to accommodate illness, school plays, sports tourneys, etc. if we are made aware of the situation ahead of time.

Payments are due the 1st Saturday of the month. If your payment is late, a $5 charge will be added. Students who do not pay by the 3rd Saturday of the month will not be eligible to attend classes until payment, including any late fee, is paid. We accept Cash & Checks. If you would like to make a payment by credit card, please speak with the Treasurer. Payments will be accepted in person or by mail. To mail your payment, please include the student name on the check and mail to:

Rinceoiri Don Spraoi
P.O. Box 95078
South Jordan, UT 84095