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Kill the Chill Irish Dance Playlist

Kill the Chill Irish Dance Playlist. Playlist on Spotify for Irish dance music, created by Rinceoiri Don Spraoi Irish Dancers for IrishDanceUtah.com

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling the chill of winter and starting to get the cabin crazies. Is it time to start Irish dance yet?

Almost, my lovelies, almost. In fact, new classes begin with the new year! See these pages for more info on that:

Intro to Irish dance

SO, to get you completely pumped for dance to start once again, I’ve compiled a little playlist on Spotify. These tunes will make you want to throw on your ghillies or hard shoes and start dancing! Forget the snow and ice, the freezing wind; Kill the Chill with this Irish dance playlist!

You’ll recognize a few tunes from our dance classes, others from amazing movies, but hopefully you’ll also find something brand-spankin’ new to your ears. I love this playlist and hope you will too!

Let me know if there are any songs you truly love that haven’t been included. Just comment your suggestion below. And feel free to share with your family and friends!