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11th Annual Latin American Dance Spectacular

We were blessed to be asked to participate as a part of this year’s 11th annual Latin American Dance Spectacular. The dancers will take the audience on a cultural tour through Latin America. Colorful costumes, authentic music, and especially, native dancers created a truly spectacular event. It was fun to hear about the Irish influence on different Latin countries.

The Utah Hispanic Dance Alliance (UHDA) has thrilled audiences and gained recognition with dance tours throughout the United States, Europe, and even Latin America. We are pleased to perform for our hometown friends and neighbors on Saturday, November 13th at 7:00 PM at the Rose Wagner Theatre in downtown Salt Lake City.

No classes May 29th

Living Traditions was great! The rain stopped just for us it seemed. Must be Charlotte’s Irish luck! If you have any photos of the performance, let Brooke know. What we do have is in the Photo Album section.

No class May 29th due to Memorial Day. Have a great weekend and be safe if you’re traveling! Regular class resumes June 5th, with all classes continuing through the month.

Class @ 8am; 9am for Intro students Mar. 24

We’re excited to be performing at Hogle Zoo for their “Party for the Planet” event Saturday March 24 at 11am. Because of the timing of this event, our class schedule will change.

Beginners will join the Perfomers at 8am to run through the performance. Intro students will have class from 9 to 9:30am. Regular schedules resume May 1.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums is throwing over one hundred parties throughout the country, in honor of Mother Earth. “Party for the Planet” from 10am – 3pm with animal enrichment, informative booths to keep you and your families thinking “green” as well as live music, activities for the kids and lots of fun. Bring your old cell phone to recycle through Hogle Zoo’s cell phone recycling program and receive $1 off regular zoo admission (one discount per person per phone – Valid on April 24th, 2010 only).


Adults – $9.00; Seniors (65 and older) – $7.00; Children (3 to 12) – $7.00; Children 2 and younger are Free

Wearing of the green

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Hopefully the weather will hold out and bring sunshine, rather than the lovely mess we had on Saturday.

The parade Saturday was a lot of fun. Cold, but fun. We were lucky enough to be 11th in line which helped us to be all the way through the parade route before the real storm set in. We performed at the Grand Hall, Union Station at the Gateway. It was nice to be indoors and warm!

Our Shamrock class was the hit of the performance with their happy smiles and energy. Although a few of them were definitely shy at first; they all seemed to warm up to the crowd and danced beautifully! Thank you Fiona, Katelynn, Chloe, Nate, Holland, Vanessa, Ethan, Michael, Connor, Sarah, & Jenna for such a fun 10 weeks. And thank you to their parents as well!

RDS really put on a great show with some real power behind those last stamps. The echo in the hall was incredible! You have a lot to be proud of!

Later in the day we performed at a benefit for the earthquake victims of Chile. It was great to be helping the American Red Cross in their efforts to help those in need. The highlight was Stephanie throwing her shoe off stage when it had come untied! :)

We also performed at a benefit that night, for Youth Impact in Ogden. Charlotte taught a few of the Youth Impact kids the Sweets of May, which they excitedly performed for the benefit crowd. They really worked hard and did a great job, even if they did have butterflies backstage!

Thanks dancers, for being willing to travel in crazy weather to brighten the day of someone else.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. ~Dr. Seuss

Parade time!!!

It’s that time again! Next Saturday the 13th is the St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Siamsa at the Gateway, downtown SLC. All the classes are looking great & we’re excited for the upcoming festivities.

Here’s the lowdown on what you’ll need to know as a Shamrock parent:

Start time: Saturday March 13th. The parade begins at 10 am, meet at 9am in preparation.

Meeting Place: 400 West 200 North, Salt Lake City This location does not have parking. You will have to park around 400 West 300 North and walk south to 200 North.

Costume: Wear the costume given you. Girls wear black tights & shoes, Boys wear black socks & shoes. Please bring a change of clothing. Costumes must be returned immediately after the performance. If costumes are not returned, you will be billed $30 for replacement.

Parade Route: Through the Gateway. Shamrocks will be riding in the back of a truck.

Siamsa: After the parade, they will proceed immediately back to the Gateway Grand Hall Union Pacific Depot for the performance. We go on stage at 11am.

Practice for everyone @ 8am on Saturday!

Don’t forget that class starts at 8am for everyone this Saturday. We will go over the entire show with everyone and make sure we have things nice and smooth.

Beginners, we’ll do a final fitting of your skirts at class. We’ll be wearing white t-shirts, black tights, black shoes, & the green skirts. Please wear spankys or shorts (black) under your skirt to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. :)

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Getting ready for Festival of Trees

We spent a lot of time getting ready for our performance on Dec. 5th. Remember to practice steps for the dances you’re in! 
Performers need to make sure you can hear each beat in hard shoe. Clean & crisp is what we’re working toward.
Beginners worked on perfecting the Faerie Reel. They looked great today! The lines were looking a lot nicer; formations were a lot more clean as well. Remember to practice rise & grinds and side sevens. If we can get everyone in nice even lines, it will make the formations really stand out. In beginning hard shoe we started on St. Patrick’s Day.
Performers: Please make sure you have costuming ready for Festival of Trees. If you need an alteration contact Becky asap. It’s not fair to ask her to try and fix things at the last minute, so try on your dress and ensure it’s performance ready.
Beginners: Please take a look at the following skirt chart and email us with your skirt size. These are the only sizes available. If nothing will work out (these are kids sizes after all), we can go with b&w instead. The sooner we know your size, the sooner we can order something if needed. We do have a few skirts on hand in varied sizes. Email your size and we’ll see if yours is available in inventory!