Secret of Kells

The One With the Killer Soundtrack

Soundtracks have some of the best pieces of music I’ve heard. Now I know what you’re thinking; a soundtrack? What soundtrack could possibly have killer Irish dance music that isn’t Riverdance, Lord of the dance, or any other Irish dance show? Boy have I got a soundtrack for you!

Secret of Kells Movie Poster

Secret of Kells is not only a gorgeously animated movie, it has one of the most beautiful scores I’ve heard. And I listen to my fair share of movie scores. Bruno Coulais is a genius when it comes to weaving Irish music into a rich Irish legend. And Kila. Who doesn’t love Kila?

The soundtrack, “Brendan et le secret de Kells” can be heard in its entirety on YouTube (playlist below) or it can be purchased on Amazon or on iTunes.

Images courtesy Secret of Kells.

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