Irish tin whistle

The One About Irish Tin Whistles

I love the tin whistle.

The tin whistle, also known as a pennywhistle, is used in a lot of Irish tunes. The most commonly used whistle in Irish music, is in the key of D. It’s inexpensive, relatively easy to play, and sounds…Irish.

Take a listen to my favorite YouTube whistler, Ryan G. Duns. He is a Jesuit priest that enjoys sharing his talent online and by playing at feiseanna.

Brian Finnegan, from Flook plays Rolling in the Ryegrass.

Cherish the Ladies give us Cailín na Gruaige Báine.

There are loads of resources online to learn how to play the Irish tin whistle. Some of my favorites are free and show you fingering without musical notation. I’ve found that most whistlers learn to play by sitting next to someone that already plays, and watching them over and over.

The following are free online resources to learn to play:

Online Academy of Irish Music
Whistle Tutor
Ryan G. Duns’ YouTube channel

Grab yourself a whistle (you can find one at a music shop or Amazon) and learn a few tunes for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s fun!

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