Irish dancing at the Wasatch Roller Derby? Yeah, we did that!

A few of our ladies braved the cement floor to dance at the halftime show on Saturday for Wasatch Roller Derby.

This bout was between the Salt Flat Fallouts and the Hot Wheelers. We had a great time! If you’ve never seen roller derby before, it’s fast paced, lots of shoves and falls, and ladies who know how to skate!

Wasatch Roller Derby is Utah’s premier roller derby league. Wasatch Roller Derby is a federally recognized “501(c)3” charity, making cash and in-kind donations to Wasatch Roller Derby tax-deductible. Wasatch Roller Derby uses the sport of roller derby as a means to raise money and awareness for other charitable organizations. Wasatch Roller Derby allows individuals to have fun, be active while making a difference in their community. Wasatch Roller Derby also strives to promote roller derby as a sport in Utah, showcasing and celebrating the dedication and athletic ability of all involved.

The mission of Wasatch Roller Derby is to focus on providing recreational amateur athletic entertainment that improves member’s individual athletic ability, self-discipline, and character while promoting the sport of roller derby. We endeavor to provide a supportive environment for women to excel in both their individual successes and in a team environment. We firmly believe that together we can act as a catalyst for profound change and enrichment.

We love supporting organizations like ours that try to make a difference in their community.

The derby community was welcoming and enthusiastic. We had a great crowd! In the derby spirit, we decided to come up with our own Irish dance derby names. We can’t compete with names like Moon Raker, Unholy Roller, Ah-Nah Shedidn’t, or Penny Slain; but we thought we try. Our offerings?

Whiskey Business, Patty O’Furniture, Seamus On You, Brogue ‘N Bones, Bailey’s Irish Scream, Treble Maker, Guinness the Menace…

We can’t wait to do it again!

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