About Us

About Us

Everything you ever wanted to know about our Irish dance organization

Pronounced “rin-cory don spree” in Irish Gaelic, our name means “dancing for fun”. We are an inexpensive performance centered school that provides an Irish dance education solely for the love of Irish culture and dance.

RDS is a local organization that supports itself from tuition, grants, and contributions. By taking classes, you support our mission of bringing a cultural educational experience to those who may not have the opportunity otherwise.

Incorporated in 1997, Rinceoiri Don Spraoi is Utah’s oldest Irish dance school.


As you may have noticed, RDS is different from other Irish dance schools in Utah. First, we focus on the dancer. Our dancers come from various walks of life. They have families, school, jobs, and many other activities they are involved with. It is important to us that our dancers have interests outside of Irish dance, because life is about so much more.

Next, students gain cultural knowledge of Ireland and the Irish people; from music and dance to folklore and history. We turn up the music and have fun while trying to promote the love of the Irish dance form! We strive to create strong performers, as well as strong individuals, and strong citizens.

Finally, through our work with other charities, our dancers gain a strong sense of purpose and selflessness. By helping the group support our local communities, dancers feel a sense of belonging, which in turn, strengthens their self confidence.

Our dancers build lasting friendships, support their communities, and help share Irish culture.


All of our teachers are also dancers! As such, each teacher is continually learning and improving their dancing abilities. Teachers really know, from experience, what it takes to learn and perform choreography. Our teachers teach traditional ceili and set dances, as well as contemporary show or performance pieces.

Current teachers:
Megan Baer
Brittany Hair
Janeen McFadden
Hannah Thompson

Board of Directors

The RDS board of directors includes a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, as well as directors. Offices are filled by volunteers and voted upon yearly. The board meets as needed to review policies and concerns, discuss upcoming events, and oversee other volunteers. One of the oldest Irish dance presenters and educators in the state, RDS serves diverse audiences through their cultural performing arts program.

Our board of directors seeks to deepen the impact that cultural performing arts can have on schools and the local community. The school seeks to create and present the highest quality Irish dance education experience to a broad spectrum of their community, in a reasonably priced manner.

Current Board Members 2015-2016:
President – Megan Baer
Vice Presidents –¬†Hannah Thompson and Michal Metzkow
Secretary – Brittany Hair
Treasurers – Chelsea Whetten and Janeen McFadden


We exist to provide an opportunity to experience the rich cultural traditions of Irish dance and music with individuals as well as our communities.