Practice for everyone @ 8am on Saturday!

Don’t forget that class starts at 8am for everyone this Saturday. We will go over the entire show with everyone and make sure we have things nice and smooth.

Beginners, we’ll do a final fitting of your skirts at class. We’ll be wearing white t-shirts, black tights, black shoes, & the green skirts. Please wear spankys or shorts (black) under your skirt to avoid any embarrassing mishaps. :)

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

No class Nov. 28!

We worked a bit more on the Festival of Trees performance in both classes. It’s really looking good!

Remember that there is no class on Saturday the 28th due to Thanksgiving. We hope you have a really great holiday with your family. Next class will be a full rehearsal with everyone. All classes please come to class Saturday, December 5th at 8am. We’ll run through the lineup and make sure everyone has costuming.

See you then!

What a great day!

Performing group really looked great! It was nice to have so many people present and dancing. Keep working on your Tip Reel steps and getting things polished up. You’re looking good ladies (and Ethan too)!

Beginning dancers worked out better sizing on skirts and I think we have something doable. Your Faerie Reel was looking really good! Remember those lines and keep practicing circles and rise and grinds. We’ll go over it again and again on Saturday, plus the Sweets of May.

Remember, there WILL be practice on Saturday the 21st, but no practice on Saturday the 28th due to Thanksgiving.

Thanks everyone for a great day!

Getting ready for Festival of Trees

We spent a lot of time getting ready for our performance on Dec. 5th. Remember to practice steps for the dances you’re in! 
Performers need to make sure you can hear each beat in hard shoe. Clean & crisp is what we’re working toward.
Beginners worked on perfecting the Faerie Reel. They looked great today! The lines were looking a lot nicer; formations were a lot more clean as well. Remember to practice rise & grinds and side sevens. If we can get everyone in nice even lines, it will make the formations really stand out. In beginning hard shoe we started on St. Patrick’s Day.
Performers: Please make sure you have costuming ready for Festival of Trees. If you need an alteration contact Becky asap. It’s not fair to ask her to try and fix things at the last minute, so try on your dress and ensure it’s performance ready.
Beginners: Please take a look at the following skirt chart and email us with your skirt size. These are the only sizes available. If nothing will work out (these are kids sizes after all), we can go with b&w instead. The sooner we know your size, the sooner we can order something if needed. We do have a few skirts on hand in varied sizes. Email your size and we’ll see if yours is available in inventory!